ArtsMason courses in the film making, visual and performing arts stress generative, inquiry based learning through direct aesthetic and creative experience in the studio environment. Art history courses address the intrinsic relationship of personal and cultural creativity, and the manifestation of aesthetics, visual culture and visual narrative within historical contexts.

Learning Outcomes:

Students who successfully complete a course in the Arts category must meet the first learning outcome and a minimum of two of the remaining four learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between artistic process, and a work’s underlying concept, and where appropriate, contexts associated with the work.
  2. Identify and analyze the formal elements of a particular art form using vocabulary and critique appropriate to that form.
  3. Analyze cultural productions using standards appropriate to the form, as well as the works cultural significance and context.
  4. Analyze and interpret the content of material or performance culture through its social, historical, and personal contexts.
  5. Engage in generative artistic processes, including conception, creation, and ongoing critical analysis.

Required: One approved course

Approved Courses: (For the most current list for 2017-2018, please see the Catalog )

Department Course Number Course Title
HIST ARTH 101 Introduction to the Visual Arts
HIST ARTH 102 Symbols and Stories in Art
HIST ARTH 103 Introduction to Architecture
HIST ARTH 200 Survey of Western Art
HIST ARTH 201 Survey of Western Art
HIST ARTH 203 Survey of Asian Art
HIST ARTH 204 Survey of Latin American Art
HIST ARTH 206 Survey of African Art
HIST ARTH 321 Greek Art and Archaeology
HIST ARTH 322 Roman Art and Archaeology
HIST ARTH 324 From Alexander the Great to Cleopatra: The Hellenistic World
HIST ARTH 333 Early Christian and Byzantine Art
HIST ARTH 334 Western Medieval Art
HIST ARTH 335 Arts of Medieval England
HIST ARTH 340 Early Renaissance Art in Italy, 1300-1500
HIST ARTH 341 Northern Renaissance Art
HIST ARTH 342 High Renaissance Art in Italy, 1480-1570
HIST ARTH 344 Baroque Art in Italy, France, and Spain 1600-1750
HIST ARTH 345 Northern Baroque Art, 1600 – 1750
HIST ARTH 360 Nineteen-Century European Art
HIST ARTH 362 Twentieth-Century European Art
HIST ARTH 370 Arts of the United States
HIST ARTH 372 Studies in 18th- and 19th- Century Art of the United States
HIST ARTH 373 Studies in 20th- Century Art of the United States
HIST ARTH 376 Twentieth-Century Latin American Art
SART AVT 103 Introduction To The Artist’s Studio
SART AVT 104 Studio Fundamentals I
SART AVT 215 Typography
SART AVT 222 Drawing I
SART AVT 232 Painting I
SART AVT 243 Printmaking I
SART AVT 252 Fundamentals of Photography
SART AVT 253 Introduction to Digital Photography
SART AVT 262 Sculpture I
SART AVT 272 Interdisciplinary Arts
SART AVT 385 EcoArt
SDNC DANC 101 Dance Appreciation
SDNC DANC 119 Dance in Popular Culture: Afro-Latino Dance
SDNC DANC 125 Modern/Contemporary Dance I
SDNC DANC 131 Beginning Jazz Technique
SDNC DANC 145 Ballet I
SDNC DANC 161 Beginning Tap Dance
SDNC DANC 225 Modern/Contemporary Dance II
SDNC DANC 231 Intermediate Jazz Technique
SDNC DANC 245 Ballet II
SDNC DANC 301 What is Dance?
SDNC DANC 325 Modern/Contemporary Dance III
SDNC DANC 331 Advanced Jazz Dance
SDNC DANC 345 Ballet III
SDNC DANC 390 Dance History I
SDNC DANC 391 Dance History II
SDNC DANC 425 Modern/Contemporary Dance IV
SDNC DANC 445 Ballet IV
ENGH ENGH 370 Introduction to Documentary
ENGH ENGH 371 Television Studies
ENGH ENGH 372 Introduction to Film
ENGH ENGH 396 Introduction to Creative Writing
FAVS FAVS 225 The History of World Cinema
GAME GAME 101 Introduction to Game Design
SMUS MUSI 100 Fundamentals of Music
SMUS MUSI 101 Introduction to Classical Music
SMUS MUSI 102 Popular Music in America
SMUS MUSI 107 Jazz and Blues in America
SMUS MUSI 280 Athletic and Ceremonial Ensembles (1 credit)
SMUS MUSI 301 Music in Motion Pictures
SMUS MUSI 302 American Musical Theater
SMUS MUSI 380 Wind Symphony (1 credit)
SMUS MUSI 381 University Chorale (1 credit)
SMUS MUSI 382 Piano Ensemble (1 credit)
SMUS MUSI 383 Symphonic Band (1 credit)
SMUS MUSI 384 Symphonic Chorus (1 credit)
SMUS MUSI 385 Chamber Singers (1 credit)
SMUS MUSI 387 Symphony Orchestra (1 credit)
SMUS MUSI 389 Jazz Ensemble (1 credit)
SMUS MUSI 485 Chamber Ensemble (1 credit)
PHIL PHIL 156 What Is Art?
STHR THR 101 Theatrical Medium
STHR THR 150 Greeks to Restoration
STHR THR 151 Romanticism to Present
STHR THR 210 Acting I
STHR THR 230 Fundamentals of Production
STHR THR 395 Theater as the Life of the Mind
STHR THR 411 Great Film Directors
STHR THR 412 Great Film Performances