Global Understanding

Learning Outcomes:

The goal of the global understanding category is to help students see the world from multiple perspectives, reflect upon their positions in a global society, and be prepared for future engagement as global citizens. While it may include a historical perspective, global understanding courses focus primarily on a contemporary understanding of one’s place in a global society.

Courses in this category must meet a minimum of three of the following learning outcomes:

1. Identify and articulate one’s own values and how those values influence their interactions and relationships with others, both locally and globally.

2. Demonstrate understanding of how the patterns and processes of globalization make visible the interconnections and differences among and within contemporary global societies.

3. Demonstrate the development of intercultural competencies.

4. Explore individual and collective responsibilities within a global society through analytical, practical, or creative responses to problems or issues, using resources appropriate to the field.


Note: A student may also meet the Global Understanding requirement through a full-semester study abroad or 12-15 credit hour program; shorter-term study abroad courses must include and meet the learning outcomes listed below and be evaluated prior to departure.

Required: One approved course

Approved Courses: For the most current list of approved courses for 2017-2018, please see the Catalog

Department Course Number Course Title
SOAN ANTH 302 Peoples and Cultures Of Latin America
SOAN ANTH 306 Peoples and Cultures of Island Asia
SOAN ANTH 307 Ancient Mesoamerica
SOAN ANTH 308 Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East
SOAN ANTH 309 Peoples and Cultures of India
SOAN ANTH 312 Political Anthropology
SOAN ANTH 313 Myth, Magic and Mind
SOAN ANTH 316 Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean
SOAN ANTH 331 Refugees
SOAN ANTH 332 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Globalization
HIST ARTH 319 Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
HIST ARTH 320 Art of the Islamic World
HIST ARTH 380 African Art
HIST ARTH 382 Arts of India
HIST ARTH 383 Arts of Southeast Asia
HIST ARTH 384 Arts of China
HIST ARTH 385 Arts of Japan
HIST ARTH 386 The Silk Road
BUS BUS 200 Global Environment of Business
CEIE CEIE 100 Environmental Engineering Around the World
COMM COMM 305 Foundations of Intercultural Communication
COMM COMM 456 Comparative Mass Media
CLS CRIM 405 Law and Justice Around the World
SDNC DANC 118 World Dance
SDNC DANC 318 Global Perspectives: World Dance Forms
SDNC DANC 418 Global Dance Intensive: Study Abroad to Cuba
ECON ECON 360 Economics of Developing Areas
ECON ECON 361 Economic Development of Latin America
ECON ECON 362 African Economic Development
ECON ECON 380 Economies in Transition
ECON ECON 390 International Economics
ENGH ENGH 362 Global Voices
ENGH ENGH 366 The Idea of a World Literature
FAVS FAVS 300 Global Horror Film
MCL FRLN 331 World Cinema in Translation
GCH GCH 205 Global Health
GGS GGS 101 Major World Regions
LA GLOA 101 Introduction to Global Affairs
SPGIA GOVT 132 Introduction to International Politics
SPGIA GOVT 133 Introduction to Comparative Politics
HIST HIST 130 History of the Modern Global Systems
HIST HIST 251 Survey of East Asian History
HIST HIST 252 Survey of East Asian History
HIST HIST 261 Survey of African History
HIST HIST 262 Survey of African History
HIST HIST 271 Survey of Latin American History
HIST HIST 272 Survey of Latin American History
HIST HIST 281 Survey of Middle Eastern Civilization
HIST HIST 282 Survey of Middle Eastern Civilization
HIST HIST 328 Rise of Russia
HIST HIST 329 Modern Russia and the Soviet Union
HIST HIST 356 Modern Japan
HIST HIST 357 Postwar Japan
HIST HIST 358 Post-1949 China
HIST HIST 360 History of South Africa
HIST HIST 364 Revolution and Radical Politics in Latin America
HIST HIST 365 Conquest and Colonization in Latin America
HIST HIST 387 Topics in Global History
HIST HIST 460 Modern Iran
HIST HIST 462 Women in Islamic Society
MCL JAPA 310 Japanese Culture in a Global World
BUS MBUS 305 Managing in Global Economy
SMUS MUSI 103 Musics of the World
SMUS MUSI 431 Music History in Society III
PHIL PHIL 243 Global Environmental Ethics
PSYC PSYC 379 Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology
RELI RELI 100 Human Religious Experience
RELI RELI 211 Religions of the West
RELI RELI 212 Religions of Asia
RELI RELI 313 Hinduism
RELI RELI 315 Buddhism
RELI RELI 320 Religion and Revolution in Latin America
RELI RELI 322 Religions of Africa
RELI RELI 341 Global Perspectives on Spirituality and Healing
RELI RELI 374 Islamic Thought
MCL RUSS 354 Contemporary Post-Soviet Life
SOAN SOCI 120 Globalization and Society
SOAN SOCI 320 Social Structure and Globalization
SOAN SOCI 332 The Urban World
MCL SPAN 322 Introduction to Latin American Culture
MCL SPAN 466 Latin American Culture and Civilization
SEOR SYST 202 Engineering Systems in a Complex World
STHR THR 359 World Stages
HRT TOUR 210 Global Understanding Through Travel and Tourism
WMST WMST 100 Representations of Women