literature replacement

Learning Outcomes: Courses must meet at least three of the five following outcomes.

  1. Students will be able to read for comprehension, detail, and nuance.
  2. Identify the specific literary qualities of language as employed in the texts they read.
  3. Analyze the ways specific literary devices contribute to the meaning of a text.
  4. Identify and evaluate the contribution of the social, political, historical, and cultural contexts in which a literary text is produced.
  5. Evaluate a critical argument in others’ writing as well as one’s own.

Required: One approved course

 Approved Courses: For the most current list of approved courses for 2017-2018, please see the Catalog

Department Course Number Course Title
MCL ARAB 325 Major Arab Writers/Stories
MCL CHIN 310 Survey of Chinese Literature
MCL CHIN 311 Modern Chinese Literature in Translation
MCL CHIN 325 Major Chinese Writers
MCL CHIN 328 Asian American Women Writers
MCL CLAS 250 Classical Mythology
MCL CLAS 260 The Legacy of Greece and Rome
MCL CLAS 340 Greek and Roman Epic
MCL CLAS 350 Greek and Roman Tragedy
MCL CLAS 360 Greek and Roman Comedy
MCL CLAS 380 Greek and Roman Novels
ENGH ENGH 201 Reading and Writing About Texts
ENGH ENGH 202 Texts and Contexts
ENGH ENGH 203 Western Literary Tradition
ENGH ENGH 204 Western Literary Traditions
MCL FREN 325 Major French Writers
MCL FREN 329 Problems of Western Civilization in French Literature
MCL FRLN 330 Topics in World Literature
MCL GERM 325 Major Writers
MCL ITAL 320 Topics in Italian Film and Literature
MCL ITAL 325 Major Italian Writers
MCL JAPA 340 Topics in Japanese Literature
MCL KORE 311 Modern Korean Literature in Translation
PHIL PHIL 253 Philosophy and Literature
RELI RELI 235 Religion and Literature
RELI RELI 333 Spiritual Autobiography
MCL RUSS 325 Major Russian Writers
MCL RUSS 326 A Survey of Russian Literature
MCL RUSS 327 A Survey of Russian Literature
MCL SPAN 325 Major Hispanic Writers