Global Contexts

New for academic year 2024-2025 

The Global Contexts requirement will replace the Global Understanding requirement for students entering Mason starting in the Fall of 2024.  

Global Contexts  

The goal of the Global Contexts (GC) Mason Core requirement is to enable students to explore global contexts through a disciplinary lens and to understand how global systems have created both interdependence and inequalities that engaged citizens must understand in order to work toward an equitable and sustainable future. ​ 

Required: One 3 credit course​ 

Student Learning Outcomes: Courses in this category must address three learning outcomes. Students will be able to:​ 

  • Identify and explain how patterns of global connections across nations and/or cultures have shaped societies to create interdependence and inequality. ​ 
  • Use a disciplinary lens to demonstrate knowledge of how at least one nation and/or culture participates in or is affected by global contexts​ 
  • Apply an understanding of one’s own positionality within a globally interdependent and unequal world to analyze solutions to global problems. ​ 

Note for Students: 

Students admitted prior to 2024 (catalog year 2023-2024 and earlier) may take Global Contexts or Global Understanding courses to meet their Mason Core requirement. 

Notes for Faculty: 

Courses can take a depth approach (examination of one particular region or society) and/or a breadth approach (comparative examination of different regions or societies), but the Mason Core proposal must clearly articulate what approach to Global Contexts the course takes and how it fulfills the Mason Core Global Contexts learning outcomes. ​ 

Course development and proposal workshops will begin in January 2023. Applications for courses in the Global Contexts category will be accepted beginning in Spring 2023. New courses, and courses with the current Global Understanding designation, can be submitted for potential inclusion as in the Global Context category. Note that not all current Global Understanding courses will meet the new Global Contexts outcomes without substantial revision. The Global Understanding category will gradually be phased out. No new Global Understanding courses will be approved after the 2022-2023 academic year.