Mason Core Conversations

Mason Core Conversations

George Mason University is committed to educating its students so that they can become engaged citizens and well-rounded scholars who are prepared to act. A crucial part of an undergraduate education at Mason is the general education program known as Mason Core. It has been nearly twenty years since our current Mason Core curriculum was implemented. In that time, many new, research-based recommendations for best practices in general education have been developed by organizations such as the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U). In that time, Mason has become a Carnegie R1 institution and continues to experiment with new initiatives in undergraduate education. Mason’s undergraduate student body has grown quickly and is now majority minority. In the last few years, meanwhile, quite a few of Virginia’s public universities have revised their general education programs; Virginia Tech, JMU, and UVA have been working to clarify what makes their individual general education curricula unique. It is a good time to examine what the Mason Core is and how well it serves our students.

The first step we are taking in this faculty-based curricular examination is to provide spaces where members of the Mason community can reflect on the current Mason Core. The Mason Core Committee’s plan this year (AY 2019-20), therefore, is to hear from members of the Mason community. We want to know what each of you believe will best prepare Mason students for not only major coursework but also success after graduation.


There are currently two ways to get involved in the Mason Core Conversation:

  1. Participate in an 8-10 person focus group. (Fill out this form to request an invitation
  2. Attend a Mason Core Conversation Workshop. (Open to all Mason community members interested in the Core)

September 27, 201910:30 am-12:00 pmJC Gold RoomITL Conference
October 21, 201910:30 am-12:00 pmGeorge'sWorkshop
November 14, 20193:00 pm-4:30 pmHUB Meeting Rooms

We look forward to hearing what you have to say!