October 25, 2017

Recently Approved Courses

The Catalog is the definitive record of currently approved courses at Mason. It is published annually, but is a dynamic record and changes may occur. The list of courses below contains all Mason Core courses that have been approved, but are not reflected in the 2018-2019 Catalog.

Courses approved as of 01/31/19


ARTH 371: American Architecture and Material Culture

MUSI 106: Fundamentals of Rock, Blues and Jazz


PHYS 410: Computational Physics Capstone

RHBS 455: Research in Rehabilitation Science

Global Understanding

ENGR 398: Applied Engineering Abroad

HIST 354: Modern China

Natural Science with Lab

CHEM 271: General Chemistry for Engineers Lecture

CHEM 272: General Chemistry for Engineers Lab

Natural Science without Lab

NEUR 101: Introduction to Neuroscience

Quantitative Reasoning:

CDS 292: Introduction to Social Network Analysis