Mason Core Requirements

The Mason Core is divided into three sections: Foundation, Core, and Capstone or Synthesis. Each section contains courses that have specific learning outcomes for students and are assessed on a regular basis. In addition, all students must take a Writing Intensive course in the major.

Note: Beginning Fall 2014, certain courses within the Mason Core can count for more than one category, if approved by the Mason Core committee. Students will be allowed to double count two courses (up to six credit hours) to fulfill their Mason Core requirements. Courses that qualify for double counting will be listed in their individually approved sections. Students may not double count credits in Oral Communication, Written Communication, or Quantitative Reasoning categories.

FOUNDATION COURSES (15 – 22 credits)
Written Communication

Written Communication (6 credits: 3 lower level and 3 upper level)

Oral Communication

Oral Communication (3 credits)


Information Technology

Information Technology (3 – 7 credits)


CORE COURSES (22 credits)

Arts (3 credits)




Literature (3 credits)


Natural Science

Natural Science, non-lab and lab                  (7 credits)

Western Civilization

Western Civilization/World History                  (3 credits)


Capstone Experience or Synthesis (varies; 3 credits minimum)
Capstone Experience or Synthesis

Synthesis (3 credits)

Writing Intensive

Writing Intensive (3 credits)

Creating more opportunities for students to make meaning of the Mason Core educational offerings, to draw greater connections to the larger university community, and to develop additional marketable skill sets, the Mason Core Engagement Series (ENCORE) begins Fall 2016 with the entering freshmen class. This program is an optional pathway for students interested in combining academic coursework with co-curricular activities towards a completion certificate in a specific area of engagement.