Mason Core

Mason Core is Mason’s general education program that builds the foundation for the Mason Graduate – an engaged citizen and well-rounded scholar who is prepared to act. Mason Core is a set of required courses that create the foundation of a student’s undergraduate degree. It provides a breadth of liberal education courses, complementing the depth of knowledge and skills students build in their majors and minors. All undergraduates seeking a baccalaureate degree must complete Mason Core requirements.

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What’s New in Mason Core?

Global Contexts and Just Societies designations now available in Courseleaf! 

Ready to submit a course for one of our new designations? The Global Contexts and Just Societies designations are now available in Courseleaf for your course proposals. As a reminder, Global Contexts is replacing the Global Understanding category, and no new Global Understanding courses will be approved moving forward. Existing Global Understanding courses will need to be resubmitted over the next year to be considered for the Global Contexts category.  

The Just Societies designation is a flag that must be applied in addition to another Mason Core Exploration category. This flag may be obtained in two ways:   

  1. Existing Arts, Global Contexts (coming in 2024-2025), Literature, Natural Science, and Social and Behavioral Sciences Mason Core courses can be revised to include the Just Societies learning outcomes.   
  2. A new course can be developed that meets the appropriate Arts, Global Contexts (coming in 2024-2025), Literature, Natural Science, and Social and Behavioral Sciences Mason Core learning outcomes as well as the learning outcomes for Just Societies. The review process is conducted simultaneously for both sets of outcomes.   

For more information on the upcoming enhancements to Mason Core, please see the Enhancements FAQ page.

Upcoming Workshops

Mason Core ARIT Academy

Our June proposal workshops are full, but we are offering another two-day workshop August 10 and 11! Join us for this two-day workshop to further develop syllabus design strategies, discover specific recommendations for (re)designing assignments and engaging students in conversations that support the Just Societies flag outcomes, build community, and more!  Participants who complete the workshops will also be enrolled in one of our course implementation communities to provide ongoing support and collaboration throughout the launch of the new courses. 

Register today and share this opportunity with other faculty members who might benefit from this event.

Accelerated CPD Level 1 Teaching Essentials – Mason Core Exploratory Courses 

Teaching a Mason Core Exploration course? You are invited to participate in the Stearns Center’s Accelerated CPD Level 1 Teaching Essentials series of workshops on Monday, August 7, and Wednesday, August 9, at 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on Zoom! These workshops will focus on the fundamentals of effective teaching as well as making your assignments relevant, balancing your course content, and grading efficiently. If you complete all four workshops, you will earn the CPD Level 1 Teaching Essentials Credential in just two days, allowing you to document your growth as an instructor, which is often beneficial for promotion and/or renewal. 

This workshop is intended for both experienced and new instructors. Read more about the workshop on the registration page 

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