January 2020 Mason Core Agenda

Mason Core Committee Agenda
January 30, 2020
Merten 3300, 1:00-2:30pm

  1. Discussion about history and purposes of higher education (1:00pm)
    What do we think the goals of Mason undergraduate education should be?
    How does that intersect with our Mason Core outcomes?
  2. Review proposals (1:45pm)


Category Proposal Survey Link New?
IT AVT 377: Cyberpunk yes
GU BENG 475: Intellectual Property, Regulatory Concepts and Product Development yes


  1.  Preview plans for remainder of semester (2:15pm)
    1. February 20: catalog deadline, preliminary conversations about Samaine’s findings
    2. March 26: in-meeting retreat to look at assessment and conversation summaries, propose a plan of action
    3. April Faculty Senate meeting (likely April 1, could be pushed to April 22 or 29): present findings and proposal to Senate
    4. April 23: TBA

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