Mason Core Agenda

May Mason Core Agenda

Meeting Date: Thursday, May 11, 2023 from 1:30-3:00pm via Zoom 


  • Meeting management 


Category Title 
Natural Science with Lab GEOL 120: The Changing Ocean 
Natural Science with Lab GEOL 121: The Changing Ocean Laboratory 
Social & Behavioral Science PSYC 333: Industrial and Organizational Psychology  
Arts FAVS 110: Reading and Making Media 
Arts FAVS 260: Video Editing for Film 
Mason Apex AVT 453: Professional Practices 
Arts ENGH 374: Screening the Global City 
Global Contexts ENGH 374: Screening the Global City 
Information Technology & Computing ENGH 210: Equitable AI 

Old Business 

  • Catalog attributes (including Global History) 
  • Just Societies professional development workshops 

New Business 

  • Assessment update 
  • Global History transfer options 
  • Committee membership continuation