Mason Core Agenda

April 25 Agenda

Mason Core Meeting 

Thursday, April 25, 2024, from 1:30-3:30pm via Zoom 



  • Meeting management 

New Business 

  • Melissa Broeckelman-Post – Oral Communication Learning Outcomes Update 
  • Task Force Summaries 
    • Career Connections 
    • Humanities/Literature 
    • Recertification 


Category Title 
Literature CONF 250: Narratives of Conflict 
Global Contexts HIST 306: The Reformation 
Just Societies BUS 100: Business and Society 
Just Societies MUSI 107: Jazz and Blues in America 
IT&C MUSI 358: Music Programming 
Global Contexts EDSE 204: Disability in Global Contexts 
Arts FAVS 110: Beyond Screens: Digital Creation 
Global Contexts FAVS 300: Global Horror Film 
Global Contexts THR 359: World Stages 
Mason Apex NEUR 422: Glutamatergic Systems 
Arts THR 195: Play Production Technical Practicum 
Global Contexts SYST 202: Engineering Systems in a Complex World 
Just Societies SYST 202: Engineering Systems in a Complex World 
Global Contexts GGS 101: Major World Regions 
Global Contexts FOLK 100: Global Folklore 
Literature HIST 381: Remembering Histories of Violence: Narrative Engagements with Difficult Pasts 
Global Contexts HIST 317: Nazi Germany 
Just Societies HIST 317: Nazi Germany 
Global Contexts COMM 305: Foundations of Intercultural Communication 
Just Societies COMM 305: Foundations of Intercultural Communication 
Global Contexts HIST 261: Survey of African History 
Global Contexts HIST 329: Modern Russia and the Soviet Union 
Just Societies GGS 102: Physical Geography 
Global Contexts GOVT 132: Introduction to International Politics