Assessment Reviews

Peer Review of Course Portfolios

Course portfolios will be reviewed by peers, to include Mason Core committee faculty, and faculty who teach Mason Core courses. Reviewers will use one rubric to evaluate the course syllabus for demonstration of student learning outcomes, the appropriateness of the course material for the Mason Core curriculum, and the appropriateness of the assignments or forms of assessment in relation to the learning outcomes. Reviewers will use a second rubric to assess student learning on the identified outcome(s). As of March 2020, all reviews have been completed for the AY18-20 assessment cycle.

Syllabus Review Rubric

Syllabus Review Rubric used by Mason Core Committee

Student Learning Outcomes Rubrics

Rubrics have been reviewed, adopted, and/or created by the faculty planning committee for each Mason Core category. One rubric for the identified category is used to assess student performance on learning outcomes for that category.

Mason Core Global Understanding

Mason Core Western Civilization and World History

AAC&U VALUE Rubric for Critical Thinking (for Synthesis and Capstone courses)

AAC&U VALUE Rubric for Written Communication (for Writing Intensive courses)

Mason Core Arts

Mason Core Literature

Mason Core Social and Behavioral Sciences

Mason Core IT and Computing

AAC&U VALUE Rubric for Quantitative Reasoning

Mason Core Rubrics for Natural Science Courses