Assessment Schedule

2017-2020 Assessment Schedule

The 2017-2020 Mason Core assessment cycle launched in Summer 2017 and was completed in Spring 2020. The Associate Director for Undergraduate Education implemented the assessment plan, in partnership with the Stearns Center, the Mason Core committee, and Mason Core teaching faculty. The Stearns Center shared in the planning and implementation of the faculty pre-assessment workshops, and promoted its faculty development activities for interested Mason Core faculty. Mason Core committee members participated in the pre-assessment workshops, peer review of portfolios, and post-assessment meetings with faculty. Faculty teaching Mason Core courses will prepare course portfolios, and will be invited to serve as peer reviewers.

A planning committee for each of the cohorts was convened in the planning semesters. Each committee was composed of course coordinators and key faculty who regularly teach or plan for the Mason Core courses in their area, and a representative from the Mason Core Committee. The committee assisted with the planning in their areas, select and develop rubrics, and provide important disciplinary guidance for the assessment.

Summer 2017Fall 2017Spring 2018Summer 2018Fall 2018Spring 2019Summer 2019Fall 2019Spring 2020
Written CommunicationPeer Review/Post-Assessment
Oral CommunicationPeer Review/Post-Assessment
Quantitative ReasoningPlanningPortfoliosPeer Review and Post-Assessment
Information TechnologyPlanningPortfoliosPeer Review and Post-Assessment
Natural SciencesPlanningPlanningPortfoliosPeer Review and Post-assessment
Civic EngagementPlanningPlanningPlanningPlanning
Global UnderstandingPlanningPortfoliosPeer Review/Post-Assessment
Western Civilization/World HistoryPlanningPortfoliosPeer Review/Post-Assessment
ArtsPlanningPlanningPortfoliosPeer Review/Post-Assessment
LiteraturePlanningPlanningPortfoliosPeer Review/Post-Assessment
Social and Behavioral SciencePlanningPlanningPortfoliosPeer Review/Post-Assessment
Mason Korea (all Mason Core categories)PlanningPlanningPortfoliosPeer Review/Post-Assessment
Writing Intensive in the MajorPlanningPortfoliosPeer ReviewPost-Assessment
Synthesis/Capstone (Critical Thinking)PlanningPortfoliosPeer ReviewPost-Assessment

Planning: planning committees meet, faculty participate in pre-assessment workshops

Portfolios: Faculty prepare portfolios to be due at end of semester

Peer Review/Post-Assessment: Peer review, post-assessment report, faculty post-assessment meeting