August 14, 2017

Meeting Schedule

SPRING 2020 Assessment Activities

We are wrapping up the 2017-20 assessment cycle for the Mason Core program. In spring 2020, we are finishing the review of student work and writing up results. A comprehensive report will be available by summer 2020.

Review Sessions

Review sessions for Quantitative Reasoning, Information Technology and Computing, and Natural Sciences will be held in February and March. Interested in serving as a reviewer? Mason Core faculty serve as reviewers for student work samples. Reviewers participate in a training/norming session, review student work, and earn a small stipend for their efforts. Volunteer here:


Post-Assessment Meetings

All faculty are invited to learn about the results from the assessments. These meetings will scheduled for fall 2020. Look to the Mason Core newsletter and this website for more information.

When available, results will also be posted at


Faculty Resources to Support Mason Core Courses

For more information about Mason Core Assessment, contact Dr. Stephanie Foster at