Course Submission Forms

Forms for Mason Core categories

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: As of 5/23/17 all course proposal forms will be submitted through Courseleaf. Please HOLD all submissions until further notice. Any questions regarding submissions can be directed to Krista Shires: or 703-993-5941. Please direct any questions regarding Courseleaf to the Registrar’s Office or your department’s catalog author.

  • Arts*
  • Global Understanding*
  • Information Technology/Ethics
  • Literature*
  • Natural Sciences lab and non lab*
  • Oral Communication
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences*
  • Synthesis
  • Western Civilization.World History*

* Courses submitted for these categories may also be submitted for one additional category. If requesting that a course be considered for more than one category, a separate proposal must be submitted for each category.

Please contact Krista Shires, Staff Assistant, 703-993-3794 or with any questions or concerns.