Forms for Mason Core categories

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Courseleaf’s Curriculum Inventory Management Program (CIM) is officially here! Paper submissions will be not be accepted starting in September 2017. Please submit any further course proposals through CIM.

The Registrar’s Office has compiled resources to assist you with submitting course proposals in CIM:

Please note that Mason Core is considered a specialty designation. Any brand new courses must first receive complete approval through Undergraduate Council before they can be [re-]submitted requesting the Mason Core designation. The following categories may be selected for Mason Core designation.

* Courses submitted for these categories may also be submitted for one additional category. If requesting that a course be considered for more than one category, a separate proposal must be submitted for each category.

The Mason Core Committee will review course proposals on a rolling basis (please see schedule for details). Successful course proposals will demonstrate the following:

  • The syllabus communicates to students that this is a Mason Core course, and identifies the relevent learning outcomes from the Mason Core category in addition to course-specific learning outcomes.
  • The course assignments and activities are designed to support students in achieving the Mason Core learning outcomes that are required or have been selected for the course.
  • The course content, level of instruction, and materials are appropriate for the Mason Core curriculum.
  • Attachments must be in PDF format. Submissions containing other formats will be rolled back to the unit for correction.
  • Resubmissions that do not address the feedback given by the committee will be rolled back to the unit. 

Any questions regarding submissions can be directed to the Program Specialist for Undergraduate Education: or 703-993-5941.

For assistance with proposal creation, submitters are welcome to contact a member of the committee responsible for overseeing their target category. Visit the Committee Membership page for details. Submitters are also welcome to utilize resources provided by the Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning as well. 

Please direct any questions regarding Courseleaf to the Registrar’s Office or your department’s catalog author or refer to the FAQs above.