Forms for Mason Core categories

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Courseleaf’s Curriculum Inventory Management Program (CIM) will launching this summer. Paper submissions will be not be accepted starting in September 2017. Please submit any further course proposals through CIM.

Any questions regarding submissions can be directed to the Program Specialist for Undergraduate Education: or 703-993-5941. Please direct any questions regarding Courseleaf to the Registrar’s Office or your department’s catalog author.

  • Arts*
  • Global Understanding*
  • Information Technology/Ethics
  • Literature*
  • Natural Sciences lab and non lab*
  • Oral Communication
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences*
  • Synthesis
  • Western Civilization.World History*

* Courses submitted for these categories may also be submitted for one additional category. If requesting that a course be considered for more than one category, a separate proposal must be submitted for each category.

Please contact the Program Specialist for Undergraduate Education at 703-993-3794 or with any questions or concerns.