Course Submission Process

Faculty interested in submitting a course for Mason Core status will need to complete the appropriate category proposal worksheet. Please see the category page for the worksheet. Faculty must submit the completed proposal worksheet and their syllabus to Courseleaf (CIM) for approval.  

Course submissions will be reviewed by Mason Core Committee. Review the proposal deadlines prior to submission for timely consideration. Prior to submitting your course for Mason Core approval, please ensure your course has been approved by your college curriculum committee and Undergraduate Council.  

Please reach out to with specific questions regarding the course submission process. If you would like to discuss your proposal prior to submission, please contact Laura Poms through at least two weeks prior to the proposal submission deadline.

How to Submit a Course for Approval 

  1. Identify which Mason Core category your course addresses. Ensure that your course meets the category’s learning outcomes. 

The following categories may be selected for Mason Core designation. 



Courses within the Exploration category, with the exception of Global History, can also include a Just Societies flag, which will require a separate worksheet. 


  • Mason Apex (combined Capstone/Synthesis category) 

* Courses submitted within the these categories may also be submitted for one additional category. If requesting that a course be considered for more than one category, a separate proposal must be submitted for each category.  

  1. Make sure your syllabus explicitly states which Mason Core category is met and includes the category’s learning outcomes. 

The learning outcomes can be written to better match your discipline and course terminology as long as the major elements of the outcomes carry over. If you do this, please be sure to note which Mason Core outcome is being addressed in the course-specific outcome. 

  1. Complete the appropriate proposal worksheet (available on the category’s webpage), which will include:  
  • A succinct rationale for why this course should be considered for Mason Core. 
  • An assignment map covering the required learning outcome with assignment examples as needed for clarity. 
  • A course management plan and faculty contact information. 
  • A syllabus with appropriate learning outcomes included. 
  1. Submit your syllabus and proposal worksheet to Courseleaf. The course will then go through the approval process and will either be approved and sent to the Registrar’s Office or rolled back to the faculty member for revisions according to the Mason Core Committee’s recommendations.  

If you are submitting a new course, it should be approved by your college curriculum committee and Undergraduate Council prior to being reviewed by Mason Core Committee.  

Mason Core meetings are open to faculty. Faculty proposing a course (as well as their college curriculum personnel) are welcome to attend the meeting in which their proposal is being reviewed, if so desired. 

Please feel free to contact Laura Poms, Mason Core Director, or Tricia Wilson, Mason Core Curriculum Specialist, at if you have any questions.