Capstone Experience or Synthesis

Learning Outcomes: 

The purpose of the synthesis course is to provide students with the opportunity to synthesize the knowledge, skills and values gained from the Mason Core curriculum. Synthesis courses strive to expand students’ ability to master new content, think critically, and develop life-long learning skills across the disciplines. While it is not feasible to design courses that cover “all” areas of general education, synthesis courses should function as a careful alignment of disciplinary goals with a range of Mason Core learning outcomes.

A general education synthesis course must address outcomes 1 and 2, and at least one outcome under 3. Upon completing a synthesis course, students will be able to:

  1. Communicate effectively in both oral and written forms, applying appropriate rhetorical standards (e.g., audience adaptation, language, argument, organization, evidence, etc.)
  2. Using perspectives from two or more disciplines, connect issues in a given field to wider intellectual, community or societal concerns
  3. Apply critical thinking skills to:
    1. Evaluate the quality, credibility and limitations of an argument or a solution using appropriate evidence or resources, OR,
    2. Judge the quality or value of an idea, work, or principle based on appropriate analytics and standards

Required: One approved upper-division course.

Approved Courses: For the most current list of approved courses for 2017-2018, please see the Catalog

Department Course Number Course Title
SOAN ANTH 400 Engaging the World: Anthropological Perspectives
HIST ARTH 394 The Museum
SART AVT 385 EcoArt
SART AVT 497 Senior Project
SART AVT 498 Senior Design Project
PSYC BENG 492 Senior Advanced Design Project I
PSYC BENG 493 Senior Advanced Design Project II
SSB BINF 354 Foundations of Mathematical Biology
BIOL BIOL 301 Biology and Society – topics approved:

  • Infectious Diseases and Society
  • HIV/AIDS; Biodefense Science and Policy
  • Ethical and Political Dilemmas in Science
BIS BIS 490 Senior Project
CEIE CEIE 490 Senior Design Project
COMM COMM 326 Rhetoric of Social Movements and Political Controversy
COMM COMM 362 Argument and Public Policy
COMM COMM 454 Free Speech and Ethics
SCAR CONF 490 Integration
MCCS CONS 490 Integrated Conservation Strategies
CLS CRIM 495 Capstone in Criminology, Law and Society
CS CS 306 Synthesis of Ethics and Law for the Computing Professional
SDNC DANC 490 Senior Dance Seminar
ECE ECE 492 Senior Advanced Design Project I
ECE ECE 493 Senior Advanced Design Project II
ECON ECON 309 Economic Problems and Public Policies
GSE EDCI 490 Student Teaching in Education
ESP EVPP 335 People, Plants and Culture
FAVS FAVS 352 Ethics of Film and Video
MCL FRLN 385 Multilingualism, Identity and Power
GAME GAME 490 Senior Project
AOES GEOL 420 Earth Science and Policy
GGS GGS 303 Conservation of Resources and Environment
GGS GGS 304 Population Dimension of Global Change
SPGIA GOVT 490 Synthesis Seminar
SPGIA GOVT 491 Honors Seminar
HHS HAP 465 Integration of Professional Skills and Issues
CEHD HDFS 400 Advanced Family Processes
HIST HIST 300 Introduction to the Historical Method
HIST HIST 499 Senior Seminar in History
IST IT 492 Senior Design Project I
LA LAS 499 Research Seminar in Latin American Studies
MATH MATH 400 History of Math
NCC NCLC 308 American Landscapes in Fiction, Film and History
NURS NURS 465 Examination of Integration of Professional and Health Care Issues
PHIL PHIL 309 Bioethics
PHIL PHIL 343 Issues in Environmental Philosophy
PHIL PHIL 377 Darwin: Biology and Beyond
PHIL PHIL 378 Reason, Science and Faith in the Modern Age
PHIL PHIL 379 Perspectives on Times
PHYS PHYS 346 Quarks to Strings
PSYC PSYC 405 Mystery, Madness and Murder
PSYC PSYC 406 Psychology of Communication
PSYC PSYC 427 Community Engagement for Social Change
RELI RELI 490 Comparative Study of Religions
MCL RUSS 353 Russian Civilization
SOAN SOCI 377 Arts and Society
SOAN SOCI 483 The Sociology of Higher Education
SOCW SOCW 375 Human Behavior and the Family Life Course
MCL SPAN 388 Introduction to Latina/o Studies
SYST SYST 495 Senior Design Project II
THR THR 440 Advanced Studies in Directing & Dramaturgy
THR THR 496 Text in Production