Global History

The Global History category replaces the Western Civilization/World History Category for students entering George Mason in the Fall of 2023.   

Students admitted prior to the Fall of 2023 may take either a Western Civilization or Global History course to satisfy the existing Western Civ/World History requirement.   

For more information on the upcoming enhancements to Mason Core, please see the Enhancements FAQ page.

Global History  

By focusing on historical experiences that reflect the diversity of George Mason’s student body, students will be able to see how their families and communities fit within, and contribute to, global history from the pre-modern period to our present day. The courses will offer a long-term historical perspective on structural issues challenging our world today, including demographic and environmental changes, national and global inequalities, and the underrepresentation of marginalized groups. Students will gain an understanding of how interconnections and inter-dependencies have been forged through the global movement of people, pathogens, goods, and ideas.   

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon completing a Global History course, students will be able to:    

  1. Identify major chronological developments in global history from the pre-modern period (before 1400 CE) to the present.   
  2. Communicate a historical argument through writing, speech, and/or digital media using a variety of primary and secondary sources.   
  3. Apply historical knowledge and historical thinking to contemporary global issues.  

Required: One approved course  

Approved Courses: For the current list of approved courses, please see the catalog.

IMPORTANT: For students with catalog years prior to 2023-2024, please refer to your catalog. Always check with your advisor before registering for classes.

Course Approval Process

To submit a course for this category, please complete the proposal worksheet provided below. Submit one complete form, the course syllabus, and any applicable assignments to CIM when complete. 

Review the course submissions guide for a more detailed overview.