Mason Core courses in the film making, visual, and performing arts stress generative, inquiry-based learning through direct aesthetic and creative experience in the studio environment. Art history courses address the intrinsic relationship of personal and cultural creativity, and the manifestation of aesthetics, visual culture and visual narrative within historical contexts.

Learning Outcomes:

Courses in the Arts category must meet the first learning outcome and a minimum of two of the remaining learning outcomes. How well the outcomes are met is much more important than the number of outcomes covered by the course. Upon completing an Arts course, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship among artistic process, a work’s underlying concept, and, where appropriate, contexts associated with the work.
  2. Identify and analyze the formal elements of a particular art form using vocabulary and critique appropriate to that form. 
  3. Analyze cultural productions using standards appropriate to the form, as well as the work’s cultural significance and context. 
  4. Analyze and interpret the content of material or performance culture through its social, historical, and personal contexts. 
  5. Engage in generative artistic processes, including conception, creation, and ongoing critical analysis.   

Required: One approved course

Approved Courses: For the current list of approved courses, please see the catalog.

Course Approval Process

To submit a course for the Arts category, please complete the proposal worksheet provided below. Submit one complete form, the course syllabus, and any applicable assignments to CIM when complete. 

Review the course submissions guide for a more detailed overview.