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The Mason Core Committee hosted a virtual town hall on January 28, 2022, where attendees were presented with several potential models to enhance the Mason Core. Download a copy of the presentation.

Mason Core Enhancement Models
Mason Core Enhancement Models
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2021-2022 Timeline of Enhancements
  • ✅ June 2021: Team from Mason Core Committee participates in the AAC&U Institute on General Education and Assessment to brainstorm potential Mason Core updates and enhancements, and shares the results in a workshop with committee members for feedback. ​
  •  September 2021: Mason Core Committee forms Task Forces to create proposals for updates in three areas: Just Society, Global, and Capstone. ​
  • ✅ November 2021: Task Forces submit proposals to the Mason Core Committee for consideration. ​
  • ✅ January 2022: Mason Core Committee to create a draft plan or plans for potential enhancements to the Mason Core. Announce Town Hall via the Mason Core newsletter, the Provost newsletter, and social media. ​
  • ✅ February 2022: Feedback accepted via website form, and in a digital town hall, and in meetings with interested groups. Please email MasonCor@gmu.edu to inquire about scheduling a visit with your team. ​
  •  February-March 2022: Mason Core committee uses feedback to update Mason Core requirements proposal and create final recommended plan to share with the university community via this website, the Mason Core newsletter, the Provost newsletter, and social media.​
  •  March-April 2022: Faculty Senate considers updates to the Mason Core requirements. ​
  •  April-May 2022: Final updates presented to Faculty Senate and BOV. New requirements approved.

Please note that implementation of updates to the Mason Core will be phased over the next few catalog years, as appropriate.

Mason Core Task Forces


Laura Poms​
Jason Kinser​
Jesse Guessford​
Debra Stroiney​
Liz White​
Tom Polk

Global +

Courtney Wooten​
Brian Platt​
Ioulia Rytikova​
Shelley Reid​
Shun Ye​
Marie alice Arnold​

Just Society

Lauren Cattaneo​
Kelley Knight​
Shelley Reid​​
Shauna Rigaud​​
Richard Craig​
Tehama Lopez Bunyasi​
Melissa Broeckelman-Post ​
Aditya Johri​
Jane Hooper​
Matt Cronin​
Ben Steger​
Anne Verhoeven​

Global History

Steven Anthony Scott
Gina Polychronopoulos
Andrea Zach
Charles Chavis
Richard Craig​
Cortney Hughes Rinker
Joan Bristol​
Jane Hooper
Michael Chang