Mason Core Meeting Dates

Currently, Mason Core meetings are schedule to be held remotely, via Zoom. Mason Core meetings are open to members of the Mason community. If you wish to attend a Mason Core meeting, please email from your Mason email account for the zoom information.

For information on Zoom access and use, please visit: 

2023-2024 Committee Schedule & Deadlines

The Mason Core Committee meets on select Thursdays from 1:30pm-3:00pm. Please email if you are interested in attending a meeting.
Proposals DueAgenda to CommitteeMeeting DateMeeting TimeMeeting Location
August 31September 06September 141:30pm- 3:30pmZoom
September 14September 20September 281:30pm- 3:30pmZoom
October 05October 11October 191:30pm- 3:30pmZoom
October 26November 01November 091:30pm- 3:30pmZoom
November 16November 20November 301:30pm- 3:30pmZoom
January 11January 17January 251:30pm- 3:30pmZoom
February 01February 07February 151:30pm- 3:30pmZoom
March 07March 13March 211:30pm- 3:30pmZoom
March 21March 27April 041:30pm- 3:30pmZoom
April 11April 17April 251:30pm- 3:30pmZoom
April 25May 01May 091:30pm- 3:30pmZoom
View the most recent agenda and archived minutes from previous Mason Core Committee meetings.