Mason Core Enhancements

Mason Core is undergoing a variety of enhancements to better prepare students to be scholars and citizens who thrive in a diverse, global world. As one of the most diverse and globally connected universities in the world, Mason is uniquely positioned to prepare students for the future. Because recent Mason Core assessment data showed general support for the current program and structure, the Mason Core Committee considered a limited number of enhancements to the existing program with a targeted goal of integrating diverse, global perspectives in our shared educational experience. 

The Mason Core Committee considered multiple models to enhance Mason Core. Based on extensive discussion, incorporating feedback from more than 1000 members of the Mason Community, the Mason Core Committee developed this Enhanced Mason Core framework to enact over the next few years to incorporate Global History, Global Context, and Just Societies. These enhancements will be adopted over the next few catalog years, illustrated in the graphic below.  

Most recently, the Mason Core Committee combined the Capstone and Synthesis categories into Mason Apex, a unified high-impact culminating experience.  

For more information on the upcoming enhancements to Mason Core, please see the Enhancements FAQ page or refer to the Enhancements Archives.