Mason Core Agenda

September 28 Mason Core Agenda

Meeting Date: Thursday, September 28, 2023, from 1:30-3:30pm via Zoom 

Welcome and Introductions 


  • Meeting management 
  • Administrative Announcement 


Category Title 
Arts ARTH 382: Arts of India 
Arts ARTH 383: Arts of Southeast Asia 
Arts ARTH 384: Arts of China 
Global Contexts INYO 261: Mentoring Multilingual Learners 
Just Societies INYO 261: Mentoring Multilingual Learners 

Old Business 

  • Revisit Working Groups 
    • Recertification process for Mason Core  
    • Humanities v. Literature  
    • SLOs and syllabus statements 

New Business 

  • Just Societies expansion  
    • Courses with two categories can also get the JS flag 
  • Mason Apex concerns 
  • Meaning of survey options 

*Agenda revised September 26,2023