Global Understanding

The Global Contexts category will replace the Global Understanding requirement for students entering Mason starting in the Fall of 2024.

Learning Outcomes:

The goal of the global understanding category is to help students see the world from multiple perspectives, reflect upon their positions in a global society, and be prepared for future engagement as global citizens. While it may include a historical perspective, global understanding courses focus primarily on a contemporary understanding of one’s place in a global society.

Courses in this category must meet a minimum of three of the following learning outcomes:

1. Identify and articulate one’s own values and how those values influence their interactions and relationships with others, both locally and globally.

2. Demonstrate understanding of how the patterns and processes of globalization make visible the interconnections and differences among and within contemporary global societies.

3. Demonstrate the development of intercultural competencies.

4. Explore individual and collective responsibilities within a global society through analytical, practical, or creative responses to problems or issues, using resources appropriate to the field.

Note: A student may also meet the Global Understanding requirement through a full-semester study abroad or 12-15 credit hour program; shorter-term study abroad courses must include and meet the learning outcomes listed below and be evaluated prior to departure.

Required: One approved course

Approved Courses: For the current list of approved courses, please see the Catalog.

Creating a Mason Core Global Understanding Course? 

-Download the Curriculum Map for Global Understanding

-Download the Rubric for Evaluating Student Work in Global Understanding Courses

-Visit the Mason Core Submission Instructions page 

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