Information TechnologyLearning Outcomes:

Information technology and computing can significantly augment humans’ ability to produce, consume, process, and communicate information. Thus, students need to understand ways to use such technology to enhance their lives, careers, and society, while being mindful of challenges such as security, source reliability, automation, and ethical implications. These factors have made it essential for students to understand how to effectively navigate the evolving technological landscape. IT courses offered in the majors may focus on disciplinary applications and concerns of information technology.

IT courses meet the following learning outcomes:

  1. Students will understand the principles of information storage, exchange, security, and privacy and be aware of related ethical issues.
  2. Students will become critical consumers of digital information; they will be capable of selecting and evaluating appropriate, relevant, and trustworthy sources of information.
  3. Students can use appropriate information and computing technologies to organize and analyze information and use it to guide decision-making.
  4. Students will be able to choose and apply appropriate algorithmic methods to solve a problem.

Required:  One approved 3-credit course that meets all IT requirements or an approved sequence of courses that meet all IT requirements.

Approved Courses: For the current list of approved courses, please see the Catalog

IMPORTANT: For students with catalog years prior to 2018-2019, please refer to your catalog. Always check with your advisor before registering for classes.

*Transfer students may substitute IT 103 for IT 104

Creating a Mason Core Information Technology Course?

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