Course Submission Forms

Mason Core flow chart 2018

How to submit your course to Mason Core Committee: 

1. Select the category you would like your course considered for. Make sure your course addresses the learning outcomes for that category.

(The following categories may be selected for Mason Core designation. Click the category title to find out more):

2. Make sure your syllabus contains “the basics”.

  • NOTE: Your syllabus must explicitly state that the course is a Mason Core course, indicate the category of Mason Core, and list the learning outcomes it will meet. The Mason Core Committee will specifically look for this.

-A completed syllabus will be a required upload in CIM 

3. Map your assignments and/or activities to the learning outcomes for your category.

-NOTE: The Mason Core Committee will specifically look for examples to determine whether the activities and assignments are designed to support the students achieving the Mason Core learning outcomes that are required or have been selected for the course.

-A curriculum map will be a required upload in CIM. Please use the Curriculum Map Mason Core Committee has provided for your category, located on the bottom of your category’s page. A template containing ALL Mason Core categories is provided above.

-Describe how you will use the assignments and/or activities to assess student learning and achievement of the learning objectives of the course 

4. Provide a rationale.

A rationale (document) will be required upload in CIM.

-Why do you think your course should be a Mason Core course?

-The Mason Core Committee will look to ensure that the course content, level of instruction, and materials are appropriate for the Mason Core curriculum.

5. Login to Courseleaf and follow the instructions for course proposals there. Your proposal will go through the workflow to the Mason Core Committee.

NOTE: In CIM you will be required to upload a syllabus, a rationale, and a curriculum map. If your syllabus does not already contain descriptions of assignments, an additional document will be required. 

-If approved, the course will go to the Registrar’s Office to be put into Banner

-If there are questions or concerns with the proposal, the committee will roll it back to your Dean/Associate Dean. The committee may recommend resubmission. Note that proposals will not be reconsidered without a document illustrating that changes have been made.

-Mason Core meetings are open to faculty. Faculty proposing a course (as well as their college curriculum personnel) are welcome to attend the meeting in which their proposal is being reviewed, if so desired.

Still have questions about the submission process? Try the Mason Core Help Page.