May 29, 2015


The Catalog is the definitive record of currently approved courses at Mason. It is published annually. The list of courses below contains all Mason Core courses that have been approved, but may not be reflected in the 2020-2021 Catalog


DANC 145 : Ballet I

ENGH 371: Television Studies


BAS 491: Applied Sciences Capstone

CDS 492: Capstone in Data Science

ENGH 417: RS: Topics in Folklore Research

SEED 492: Internship: Secondary Education English

SEED 493: Internship: Secondary Education Math

SEED 494: Internship: Secondary Education Science

SEED 496: Internship: Secondary Education Computer Science

Global Understanding

EDSE 204: Disability in a Global Society

GGS 101: Major World Regions

INTS 303: Introduction to International Studies

RELI 212: Religions in Asia

RELI 370: Judaism

SPAN 212: Intermediate Spanish II: Local and Global Contexts

IT and Computing:

ELED 257: Integrating Technology in PreK-6

Natural Science without Lab:

ASTR 103 : Astronomy

Note: ASTR 103 with ASTR 112 or ASTR 114 can be used to fulfill a 4-credit lab science requirement.

ASTR 302: Found of Cosmological Thought

ANTH 135: Introduction to Biological Anthropology

PHYS 170: Introductory and Modern Physics I

PHYS 270: Introductory and Modern Physics II

Social and Behavioral Science:

ANTH 135: Introduction to Biological Anthropology

EDSE 203: Disability in American Culture

*Courses approved as of 11/19/20