May 29, 2015

Approved Courses

The Catalog is the definitive record of currently approved courses at Mason. It is published annually. The list of courses below contains all Mason Core courses that have been approved, but may not be reflected in the 2019-2020 Catalog. Please refer to your catalog year for a complete list of approved courses.

Courses approved as of 05/02/19


ARTH 104: Design in the 20th Century

ARTH 311: The Design of Cities

ARTH 343: The Art of Venice

ARTH 371: American Architecture and Material Culture

MUSI 106: Fundamentals of Rock, Blues and Jazz


ELED 490: Internship in Elementary Education

PHYS 410: Computational Physics Capstone

RHBS 455: Research in Rehabilitation Science

Global Understanding

ENGR 398: Applied Engineering Abroad

HIST 354: Modern China


ELED 358: Children’s Literature for Teaching in Diverse Settings

HIST 334: American Scriptures

Natural Science with Lab

CHEM 271: General Chemistry for Engineers Lecture

CHEM 272: General Chemistry for Engineers Lab

Natural Science without Lab

NEUR 101: Introduction to Neuroscience

Quantitative Reasoning:

CDS 292: Introduction to Social Network Analysis

Social and Behavioral Science:

EDUC 200: Introduction to Education: Teaching, Learning, and Schools

HDFS 200: Individual and Family Development