The Catalog is the definitive record of currently approved courses at Mason. It is published annually. The list of courses below contains all Mason Core courses that have been approved, but may not be reflected in the 2021-2022 Catalog


HIST 316: History of Modern Architecture

FAVS 204: Ways of Seeing: Perception, Form and Film
FAVS 280: Writing for the Moving Image
RELI 237: Religion and Art


ECED 492: Internship in Early Childhood Education (Non-Licensure)
GCH 466: Physical Activity in Public Health Capstone
GLOA 492: Honors Research Project in Global Affairs
NURS 490: Health Policy and Advocacy in Nursing

Global Understanding

FAVS 320: Afrofuturism and Their Kin
FOLK 100: Global Folklore
GGS 317: Geography of China
HIST 315: STEM and Society, a History
RELI 358: Islamic Thought 
RELI 310: JudaismRELI 369: Religion and Revolution in Latin America
SEED 370: Young Adult Literature in Multicultural Settings
INTS 363: Social Justice Narratives
RELI 339: The Bible as Literature

Natural Science without Lab:

ASTR 303: Black Holes

INTS 410: Contemporary Health: Intersections in Science and Society

PHIL 271: How Science Works

Quantitative Reasoning:

BUS 210: Business Analytics I

Social and Behavioral Science:

GGS 301: Political Geography
LING 101: Human Language
SPAN 430: Spanish in the United States
WMST 208: Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Studies
NEUR 424: Sleep and Circadian Rhythms
NEUR 473: Current Neuroscience Research in Germany

*Courses approved as of 4/28/2022